Slow Fashion Challenge 10/2019 prompts

The third annual Slow Fashion Challenge takes place on Instagram during the month of May in 2019. We have a fresh new logo but the same inspiring message: join us for 31 days of celebrating, learning and connecting around slow fashion.

slow fashion challenge 2019 prompts

Our calendar of prompts is a guide for your daily Instagram posts in May. Get creative in making a connection to slow fashion on the day’s theme, and be sure to tag your posts #slowfashionchallenge so we can find you. Follow us and the hashtag to connect with others taking part in the challenge. We will be sharing a few posts every day to help boost our sustainable fashion community, connect us all and to spread interesting tips, fashion, information, and ways to make a difference. Use your Instagram account to spread the word about helping our planet through fashion!

Everyone is invited to join in, whether you commit to posting every day in May or only when a prompt inspires you. We love connecting with brands, activists, fashion enthusiasts of all kinds, those new to the concept of slow fashion and those who are already involved in the fashion revolution.

The Slow Fashion Challenge is hosted by
Louise Kane and Amy Daileda.

Louise creates and repairs jewelry from broken and discarded pieces through her innovative business ReAdorn London. Mail her your broken and unwanted jewelry to have it turned into something new or shop her upcycled collection of one of a kind pieces through her website. Louise is based in North East London, teaches upcycled jewelry classes, is a mother of two and is passionate about waste reduction.

Louise of ReAdorn
Louise of ReAdorn

Amy creates vibrant, comfy, travel friendly slow fashion through her line Vivid Element. Her colorful, geometric women’s wear features organic fabrics, hand dyed color and zero waste designs that incorporate tiny pieces as a way to appreciate the beauty of every detail. Shop Vivid Element online, at select art shows and in boutiques in the PNW. Amy is based in the Alberta District of Portland Oregon, is an urban gardener, cat lover and thrives on sustainable, zero waste living.

Amy Daileda | Vivid Element
Amy of Vivid Element


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