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Vivid Element in London with Pause Conscious Fashion: Interview with Amy Daileda

Interview with Vivid Element Designer Amy Daileda

“It’s rare to find a company who’s dedicated to crafting clothes with love and sustainability in mind.” – Leticia Bordoni

Vivid Element Poppy dress
Vivid Element | the Poppy Dress in vibrant reds

Vivid Element: Where the Magic’s in the Little Things

by Leticia Bordoni on June 21, 2019

It’s rare to find a company who’s dedicated to crafting clothes with love and sustainability in mind. And in our current moment, fast fashion has brought with it the inability to notice the small things in our daily lives. All of that changes with Vivid Element, a clothing brand who prioritizes clothing with integrity and attention to detail.    

We asked the founder some questions regarding the inspiration for their brand:

“Vivid Element designs are inspired by the sublime of celestial objects such as solar flares and supernova, and the fascination found in the tiny details of flowers. I have a deep drive to create and am always working on expressing my creative visions as boldly as possible. Knowing that my designs help women express their own creativity through what they wear while sharing the joy and satisfaction of wearing comfortable, long lasting, eco friendly clothing keeps me motivated.”

Vivid Element aims to advocate for slow-fashion by revolutionizing the way that clothing is made and handled, with a main focus on good quality, sustainable fabrics, and fairness for consumers and producers. You can rest assured that their pieces are made with intention.

“I love sharing the simplicity and joy of wearing slow fashion made with love as an alternative to fast fashion. Vivid Element is made with integrity in small batches using organic fabrics and zero waste designs. Artistry, comfort and high quality craftsmanship are top priorities. Vivid Element’s mission is to empower women to express their vibrant nature in harmony with our planet.”

Fast-fashion is one of the leading challenges for change-makers in the industry, especially for the Slow-movement. Tackling the instability of fashion trends, tons of wasted fabric, and unethical mass-production seems to be some of the main issues they want to combat.

“Changing the system of the fast fashion industry is the biggest challenge that I see today. People are slowly waking up to the huge problems that the fashion industry is creating for our planet and its people, however, to make major changes the underlying systems will need to change. It is completely unsustainable as it is. The only way forward is through sustainable fashion. If the fast fashion industry doesn’t innately change, it is going to ultimately implode. I feel that it is out of control right now.”

It’s important, then, for consumers to understand that they don’t have to sacrifice style and helping our planet. By letting go of our need to keep up with the constantly changing trends in the fashion industry, we create a more eco-friendly way to express ourselves.   

It’s important to find your own style and ignore fast fashion trends. Investing in pieces that you love and can wear over and over again, in multiple seasons and in different ways, can be so rewarding.

Vivienne Westwood’s quote, ‘Buy less, choose well, make it last’ is my mantra.

A huge misconception about sustainable fashion is that it sacrifices the aesthetics of one’s style, but Vivid Elements completely disrupts that! Their designs are long-lasting, high quality, and perfect for those who want to elevate their bold style with sustainability in mind.

“Vivid Element offers colorful self expression, while being sustainable to the core. Many pieces are one of a kind, so the wearer can delight in individuality as well as the simplicity of slow fashion made with love. Vivid Element offers bold zero waste designs, comfortable fits, rich hand dyed color and fabrics that are natural, high quality and eco-friendly. Pieces are classic shapes that you can wear for years, are easy care, multi-seasonal, great for travel, and you can ride your bike in them!”

Vivid Element is the epitome of “stopping to smell the roses”, and you’ll feel that in every inch of their hemp-based fabric and zero-waste designs. They’re currently working on making their line more accessible and visible so that everyone will have sustainable clothing options!  So, are you ready to rock this super cool brand? Vivid Element currently based in Portland, Oregon, with stores in Seattle and California!

P A U S E is more than excited to host Vivid Element at the next edition of our Sustainable Pop Up in London during Fashion Week. We invite everyone to join us in the historic Freemasons’ Hall to meet Amy and other like-minded designers this September – let’s show the fashion industry what change is really about.

Photos by Vivid Element 

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