zinnia dress in black and purple
Space Zinnia Dress

This is the first dress of my New Dress Challenge. It’s called the Space Zinnia Dress, and I created it at the end of January. The idea of growing plants in space fascinates me, and a recent article on NPR’s Science Friday describing the plants that astronauts are growing in the space station, including Space Zinnias, inspired this design! 

I’ve decided on a monthly challenge for myself: create a new dress every month for a year! The dresses may or may not be a success, they might make it into my line or they may be strictly a one of a kind original. I love the idea of making room for some experimentation. I also love the idea of offering these one of a kind pieces for sale (if they turn out.) This challenge may evolve into something different, but this is the starting point.

My friend Trista inspired me by her blog post in which she shares her own creative challenge: drawing every day for a year. She invited others to join her in their own daily practice of their choosing I pondered this challenge for a while, having always wanted to attempt a creative endeavor that has some parameters and a place to share it so that I am accountable. I considered drawing everyday, or doing yoga everyday, but I kept coming back to one of my desires: making more dresses, and so my monthly challenge has begun.

Follow along on Instagram! I will be using the hashtag #newdresschallenge. I will share the dresses in my email newsletter as well, so be sure to sign up to receive it if you aren’t already on the list. Follow Trista’s challenge on Instagram through the hashtag #365daysofpractice, and check out her storybooks you can color at www.carrotcondo.com.

NASA orange zinnia in space
The first Zinnia to bloom in space! Grown by Scott Kelly on the International Space Station.

Perhaps you can join me in crafting your own creative challenge? If you do, I’d love to hear about it! 

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