12 new dress challenge dresses
12 dresses – one per month thru 2016 & 2017

Here are the 12 dresses I created in 2016 for my New Dress Challenge (create a new dress every month for a year.)  Overall the challenge was an extremely valuable experience!  It allowed me to experiment and try new ideas.  It made me carve time out for design and creativity even when it seemed that other things were more important (although I was often making the dress on the last day of the month!)  There was also a month that I missed, but I created 2 the following month.  Not all of the dresses are my favorites, but a few will be offered in Vivid Element’s spring collection, and I’m reworking another for fall’s collection.  Others have sparked new ideas.  It was also quite satisfying creating this 12 dress collage of the finished pieces.  Thanks to Trista of Carrot Condo for the inspiration to create a challenge in the first place.  Any of these dresses can be made in your size, so please contact me if you’d like a custom order.  Although I’m taking a short breather between challenges, I plan on concocting a new creative challenge soon!

Which is your favorite?

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