Amy with yellow Mineral Top and yellow Bendy shoes, holding plants in her garden

Meet Slow Fashion Designer, Urban Gardener & BENDY Friend: Amy Daileda

organic garden images, Amy in yellow organic cotton Vivid Element top and eco and ethically made yellow Bendy shoes

“As a female entrepreneur, I’m no stranger to the question, ‘Who inspires you?’ But there’s not just one answer.

Truth be told, I’m inspired by any small business owner out there slugging it during COVID-19, especially when their products are gentler on the planet. It’s these strong, brave innovators who contribute to my own perseverance during tough times.

Speaking of inspiring women entrepreneurs, we’re proud to feature Amy Daileda, a slow fashion clothing designer, organic urban gardener, activist, zero waste enthusiast and BENDY friend.

Read more and find Amy’s easy tea recipe in the full article from Bendy by Ashbury Skies.