Meet Caryl: Wellness Coach, Entrepreneur and Vivid Element Model

I’ve found it encouraging to see how people are creating change in their lives and expressing themselves in new ways after we’ve all experienced so much during the pandemic. My friend Caryl Kenworth has found inspiration this past year to start her own business as a health and wellness coach. She has been an ER nurse for 21 years and even longer as a family nurse practitioner, so she’s got plenty of health knowledge and advice to share.

Caryl has been wearing Vivid Element clothing for years and recently modeled for Vivid Element on a gorgeous spring day in Portland’s Ladd’s Addition neighborhood. I was the photographer this time!

She shares a wellness tip and a little more about herself in this interview. Be sure to check out her new business NW Wellness Coaching.

Caryl in a 60s style sleeveless purple hemp dress on a walk under blooming pink trees.

What inspired you to start a business at this time?

For years I have worked in the emergency department and have diagnosed many stress-related conditions, which have exponentially increased during Covid, but I had little time to address them adequately or provide support. This coupled with my desire to connect more deeply with others and encourage forward movement and change motivated me to pursue coaching.

What type of self care has helped you get through the pandemic?

Exercise. I transformed my garage into a mini-gym with a rowing machine and weight set. Though I miss my group classes at the gym, I am able to challenge my body, take a mental break, and combat Covid fatigue and weight gain.

Wellness Tip:

When feeling stressed, pause, take 1 deep breath, and reset.

Caryl Kenworth, NW Wellness Coaching

What’s your vision of a better world?

A place in which the air is cleaner, nature is thriving, basic human needs are met, elderly are valued, violence is replaced by peace every time, and collectively we are healthier and happier.

Who are you trying to help with your wellness coaching?

I am passionate about supporting a working parent who is contemplating what he/she wants next, somebody who may be navigating hormonal changes, somebody who may be struggling with burnout and desiring more joy in life, or somebody who may be experiencing physical manifestations of stress. 

What are your favorite creative outlets?

 Cooking and lately web design, logo design and creation. 

“I love Vivid Element’s vibrant colors, flattering fit, organic fabrics, and quality that lasts. I have some pieces that I have worn for years and they still look and feel great!”

Caryl Kenworth

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  1. Tammy Lewis

    Congratulations, Caryl! Your new business sounds perfectly suited to you! You certainly have the knowledge and experience to be successful and help lots of people. Loving the Vivid Element clothing you’re wearing. They suit you, too!

    1. Amy Daileda

      I agree Tammy, she will be a great wellness coach. I’ve appreciated advice from her over the years. She was a wonderful model as well!

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