view of Portland in the fall with red, yellow and gold leaves on trees and a cloudy sky.

Let’s Help Our Community This Holiday Season!

Treat yourself to some wearable art or give the gift of slow fashion and give back to community at the same time. It’s a win-win. From November 24-30, 2020, Vivid Element is donating 20% of every clothing purchase to the Black Resilience Fund.

Black Resilience Fund logo

The Black Resilience Fund, a project of the non-profit Brown Hope, is an emergency fund dedicated to fostering healing and resilience in the Portland community by providing immediate resources to Black Portlanders. The fund helps with the most basic urgent needs like a warm meal, a box of groceries, or an electic bill payment.

As the Corona virus pandemic hits an all time high number of cases, states such as Oregon and Washington have implemented more restrictions, eviction holds are about to expire, and no federal relief is in sight. Many people are struggling. The pandemic has hit communities of color and those who were already struggling or living paycheck to paycheck the hardest. It seems like a weird time to be offering a big sale for Black Friday. Instead I am offering a way to give back while supporting the arts, shopping small, and making a difference, all while enjoying some handmade clothing at the same time!

You can donate directly to the Black Resilience Fund here.

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