6 macro flower photo greeting cards

Garden Universe: Macro Flower Photo Art Cards

After 24 years of creating wearable art, I’ve been craving a way to share my art in a different medium. Introducing the new Garden Universe Art Cards! These photo greeting cards feature close up images I’ve taken of flowers in our Pacific Northwest garden, so you can see the tiny world that is within the depths of a flower.

Giving a meaningful card whether it’s handmade by you or an artist is an easy way to share some love. I’ve always enjoyed giving loved ones handmade cards for birthdays, thank yous, and holidays. Receiving a greeting card in the mail is a treat, especially in our digital world. It’s nice to have a supply of beautiful cards on hand for special occasions.

For years I’ve been taking plant photos using only my phone camera and a small clip on macro lens. It can be hard to get the focus and lighting right, but when you do, an entire universe is revealed. You never know exactly what you will find: tiny botanical reproductive parts, an occasional pollinator, the unusual fold of a petal, the subtle color of a pistil, surprising geometry.

From the hundreds of photos I’ve taken in the garden I’ve chosen my favorites to create this set of 6 cards for you to use and enjoy. I spent extra time and research to make them as eco friendly as possible. They are printed in Portland at a small local printer on really nice 100% post-consumer recycled paper. The cards are blank inside so they work for any occasion. They come with matching recycled paper envelopes, and the set is tied in hemp twine that you can use later in your own garden or to wrap a gift. The set is shipped in a cute sturdy box made of recycled paper and garnished with Vivid Element’s new zero waste sticker (also printed on recycled paper!)

A tree is planted for every set sold through a donation to One Tree Planted.

Always have the perfect card at hand. The set makes a great gift for a gardener or nature lover, and the printing is high quality so you can also display them.

Plant images in the set:

  • Clematis armandii (Clematis)
  • Centaurea cyanus (Bachelor Button)
  • Rosa nutkana (Nootka Rose)
  • Papaver rhoeas (Poppy)
  • Zinnia elegans (Zinnia)
  • Taraxacum officinale (Dandelion)

I hope these cards help you to express your own vibrant nature while connecting to your loved ones!

macro flower photo art card set fanned out on table with calendula flowers, tea and a pencil, all ready to write.
Drinking tea and writing to loved ones

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