Welcome to the Gallery!

I invite you to connect to our universe through the magic and mystery found within the details of plants. Dive into the center of a flower to see its intricate parts. Look into the sky to consider the miraculous scale. We are all made of the same molecules as the earth and stars! My aim is to share the joy, awe and wonder found in the details of nature through my art. The pieces in the series below are all Pacific Northwest native plants. Enjoy!

All paintings were created with acrylic paint on locally made cradled wood panels. Scroll over each piece for more info.

original paintings by Amy Daileda

My studio window overlooks our garden full of native and edible plants in Portland, Oregon where many of my subjects grow. I created these paintings using vibrant acrylic paint, locally made wood panels and my interpretation of each plant’s energy. Macro photos I’ve taken in the garden or out in the forest help with seeing the details. I hope you find your own connection to nature and the universe through this work.

-Amy Daileda

Artist Amy Daileda in front of one of her flower paintings. She is a white woman with clear glasses and a smile.