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6/21/2019 “It’s rare to find a company who’s dedicated to crafting clothes with love and sustainability in mind.” – Leticia Bordoni

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fashion pop-up in Paris alleyway

Slow Fashion Discoveries in Paris

Bonjour! Wandering Paris’ winding cobblestone streets that are lined with tall ornate buildings of stone and fancy ironwork felt like being in a movie. Art, gardens, and sustainable fashion were the focus of my recent trip to Paris. Highlighted here

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Slow Fashion Challenge 2019 logo

Slow Fashion Challenge 2019

The third annual Slow Fashion Challenge takes place on Instagram during the month of May in 2019. We have a fresh new logo but the same inspiring message: join us for 31 days of celebrating, learning and connecting around slow

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slow fashion challenge 2019 prompts

Slow Fashion Challenge 2018

May 2018 brings the return of the Slow Fashion Challenge on Instagram. This month long photo challenge asks you to consider the environmental and ethical aspects of clothing and its production.

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NASA image and ripple top

Explore the Universe in Vivid Element

I’ve always been fascinated by the sublime of celestial objects, the enormity of outer space and the thrill at the thought of space travel.  Science fiction and real life space exploration inspires the clothing designs I create for Vivid Element.

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NASA orange zinnia in space

New Dress Challenge

A recent article on NPR’s Science Friday describes the plants astronauts are growing in the space station, including Space Zinnias – it inspired this design!

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