A Little About My Painting Process

Using vibrant color, acrylic paint, and wood panels, I explore the details of plants and their connection to our universe.

I prefer to work from live specimens. I paint outside in nature or bring flowers and plants inside my studio so I can examine them closely. My studio window overlooks our Pacific Northwest garden where many of my subjects grow. 

Painting in my studio

Growing a garden is part of my process. I lovingly plant and tend edible and PNW native plants and use them for food, medicine, tea, and art. My garden is all organic and Backyard Habitat Certified. 

Connecting to each plant I paint using all of my senses is part of my work. I will meditate next to the plant, observe it, smell it, taste it, and research its botany, folk lore and herbalism. Each plant has a different energy, and I focus on expressing that.

macro lens

Taking macro photos with a tiny lens helps with seeing the details. 

Each piece is lovingly painted, layer after layer. Colors are mixed and refinements and details are slowly added until it feels just right. I am a slow painter and believe in slow living, taking the time to appreciate the details.

I hope you can feel the love, joy and inspiration that each piece holds and find your own connection to nature through my work. Since we are made of the same elements as the earth and the stars, the details really do matter.

-Amy Daileda

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