model in blue and black chevron sleeveless hemp dress with stars in the background

Express your vibrant nature

Welcome to the world of awe that I see in the vibrant details of nature. Slow down enough to peer deep inside the center of flower at its amazing intricacy. Look up into the sky at the unfathomable distance, and feel the wonder. Get lost in the depths of a color of a leaf. Feel your connection to our universe through the magic and beauty of the elements.

Most of all, enjoy!

-Amy Daileda, artist

Zero waste jacket modeled by designer Amy Daileda

New series of comfy Zero Waste Jackets now in hand dyed color.

Micro Flora, paintings by Amy Daileda at Flour Market May 4-29

Micro Flora

In May 2022 an exhibit of my newest plant paintings will be at Flour Market Bakery, which is mere blocks from where the subjects grow. Enjoy an in-depth view into the sublime beauty of magnified flowers. Connect to nature through the botanical details of a specific spot on planet earth. I hope you can make it!

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Set of 6 cards with gorgeous macro flower images taken in the garden. Only $24 per set through May 31. Makes a great gift!

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